Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Willow Harvest

I have been busy harvesting my willow and dogwood. The quality is much better this year as I managed to  treat  the infestation of giant willow aphids sucking on the willow with a couple of pyrethrum treatments over summer.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Spirit of Nirvana's Orchards.

At our last meeting Adelaide Hill Basket Cases had some fun with interlacing willow at Nirvana Organic Farm. The challenge 'how to make something attached to a tree that stayed there'. Plus an opportunity to use some willow from Deb's willow garden. We would have liked it to be higher up the tree but... being only allowed up 2 steps this is what we managed.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Natural Elements

Natural Elements Adelaide Fringe exhibition at the Hahndorf Academy in the Adelaide Hills. 17th Feb -19th March 2017. All works by Deborah Cantrill. For those who could an not make it, enjoy this snapshop of the exhibition.

Concentrating Thoughts
Interlaced Hardenbergia violacea

Random weave willow. Frame hazelnut
H75cm L60cm W45cm

Leaf basket
Handle; Eucalyptus branch. Frame/ribs; willow
Weavers; iris, chestnut root bark.
H 22cm L 84cm W 32cm
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Garden Leaf
Rib construction with knotless netting. Fame: chestnut. Weavers : iris, 2ply iris
H100 W 26

Returning to the Earth.
When leaves loose their green vitality the edges begin to fold inwards as they fall to the ground. This carpet creates a fascinating array of shades from green to black ,of curled up contorted shapes and a variety of dry paperery textures.

Interlaced Vessel 1 Interlaced Willow
H 80cm W 88cm D 90cm
Interlaced Vessel 2 Interlaced Willow
H 54cm W 66cm D 66cm
Interlaced Vessel 3
Interlaced Willow
H 43cm L53cm W56cm

On top of the world
Interlaced grapevine ball. Ant iris rib basket method. GREEN ANT
Frame willow, weaver’s iris, legs fence wire. 550 x200

It all starts with a seed, with its memory of the past and its potential for the future.

Handle:book leaf pine. Stakes:cordaline. Weavers: Iris . Wooden beads
500 x 500x 90 (Basket 160x230x90)

Twined Hanging basket.Frame;bookleaf pine,cordyline. Weavers;iris.Wooden beads.
H69cm L13cm W7cm
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Pine Platter
Rib basket construction. Frame;bookleaf pine, willow. Weavers;Iris, NZ flax,iris/fique 2 ply.
H9cm L60cm W54cm
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Frame and stakes: willow. Weavers: Iris
Wings: knotless netting poa 2 ply
Eyes: stitched 2 ply chasmanthe. Legs: Fruit tree prunings.
112 x 145 cm

Changing Climate’
Random knotless netting
Starter rewind spring, telephone wire, pine sticks.
L65 x W29 x H52 cm 

Wall Basket
Rib basket construction, Frame; Willow, Bookleaf pine. Weavers; Abyssinian banana, fique.
H 25cm L 60cm W 20cm
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Storm Basket
Rib construction. Handle/frame: Eucalyptus branch. Ribs ;willow. Weavers:Iris, arum lily,
Red hot poker, aristea,fique.     
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