Friday, March 20, 2015

The Australasian Basketry and Fibre Arts Gathering 2015.



27 March – 1 April 2015

The biennial, Australasian Basketry and Fibre Arts Gathering is fast approaching and is being hosted by Basketmakers of Victoria  at the Lady Northcote Recreation Camp at Rowsley near Bacchus Marsh which is 60 km west of Melbourne.
Late March will be a great time to enjoy the milder days of early Autumn, relaxing in the foothills of the Brisbane Ranges, with time to catch up with friends from interstate and overseas as well as sharing and learning new skills.

Next Thursday a group of Adelaide Hill Basket Cases will set off to the gathering,being our first gathering we are full of excitement at the thought of being surrounded by many (150?) inspiring and talented people.  

The programme will take a usual, casual format , with a number of generous basketmakers volunteering to facilitate activities including interactive demonstrations, “The Welcome Mat” installation, Swap basket and evening talks and power point presentations.


My contribution to the ‘welcome mat’   



   My Swap basket ‘Erica Bowl ‘

    Base: Erica off cut. Stakes: palm inflorescences.

   Weavers::chasmanthe,Iris.                                                                                                                18x 13x 13 cm


We hope to bring new skills home to share with our little group as well as met new people and have FUN.

‘One of the great things about the Gathering is the way experts share their knowledge.’

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