Monday, November 16, 2009

Weaving Workshop

The annual weaving workshop at Nirvana Farm again proved popular with an keen group of gardeners ready to turn their weeds and garden wastes into baskets and more. Despite the hot weather everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.

The first task was to make 2ply ‘string’ from iris leaves. Soon lengths of string appeared and it continued to be made at every break or opportunity.

Next the ribbed basket was started and the tricky (at first) god’s eye that holds the ribs in place was mastered. The baskets began to take shape as the ribs where inserted.

Quentin served lunch in the garden. The sun proved a little too warm but the Nirvana lunch was as excellent as usual.

After lunch the task of twining began and the baskets began to develop their own character.

There was a short break from twining to explore the possibilities of fence building. The heat soon drove everyone back to their baskets.

As the day drew to an end the baskets where all progressing well. Materials to finish them off were shared out and everyone went home with new skills and knowledge of some of the many materials they could source from their gardens and roadsides.

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  1. I just found your blog. I wish I was there weaving with you. I guess you are moving into summer where I'm entering into winter. The leaves on the trees in your photos looked so pretty and vibrant. I weave too and my blog is full of baskets and I have some free patterns on it as well if you'd like to take a look. I weave mainly with reed though. I'll be spending more time looking at your blog. Glad I found you.