Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lots of New Willow Basketry Projects.

willow 001

A hardy group of Basketry  SA braved the winter chill to venture to the Adelaide Hills to collect some pieces of French basket willow from

 Nirvana’s willow house.With secateurs at hand they collected long straight branches, some coiled into buckets,some bundled up for frames or fences and some to take home to grow. Not all members made it down the valley selecting to sit on our winter sunny veranda and read a book.

Meanwhile we sniped and coiled away then shared  a yummy lunch before the winter cold drove us back up the hill. They bundled their willow collection into the cars  and set off  dreaming up wonderful new basketry projects.

In the near future I expect to see some willow creations evolve at regular meetings.

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  1. I have willows, Deb. How soon do I need to use the pieces I cut? I also have some beautiful flaxes. Oh I must get the book from Hugh!See you soon I hope.