Monday, February 20, 2012

Morphing Nature Exhibition

morphing nature 001
Basketry SA Fringe Exhibition at Urrbrae House, February 24th –March 4th 2012
Open 11am- 4pm each day
This exhibition showcases contemporary basketry created by members of
Basketry SA.
My pieces for the exhibition
Cross Pollination’
Ribbed construction/ twined. Handle- native cherry Exocarpus cupressiformis Frame-Willow
Weavers- Iris pseudacorus, iris orientalis, watsonia, hemp.

Natures way of morphing itself to create a rich diversity in the genetic pool that sustains life.
baskets 008
Bracket fungus cheese platter
Ribbed Construction /woven.Frame- Apple pruning, willow, Stringybark cheese board
Weavers- iris pseudacorus, iris orientalis ,fique.

Bracket fungus generally form around the dead or dying trunks and branches of trees. This cheese platter reflects the form and patterns of a variety of bracket fungus and their association with their hosts the trees.

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  1. Fabulous, as usual, Deb. I will put them on my blog.