Monday, March 19, 2012

More uses for Tension Trays

Tension trays are so called as the round material, when put together place stress on one an other holding the tray together.They can be made any size and from any materials  forming a variety of uses.

To make in its simplest form an outside frame is formed by bending a piece into a circle. You can go aroundOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAd a few time to make a strong frame.

Cut out 2 cross members  so they overlap. You can tie the ends to the circle. This is necessary on large outside trays. for these I use wire.


   Fill in the tray with weavers so they overlap the circle starting with the 2 centre pieces . Continue working away from the centre towards the outer frame equally until the circle is filled in and ridged.Trim to the desired shape around the circle. If you are using fresh materials you will have to put a couple of extra lengths aside and add them in when the others dry out and shrink.

Now the basic concept can to taken to the garden to create screens and fences. When making screens and fences I use fresh materials.

A fence can be made up of several ‘trays’.For low garden fences I make them up first then put them in place.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A longer stronger cross member is secured in place with wire.Put a point on the end to put it in the ground.Fill in until ridged and  trim. When you have the desired number of trays make pilot hole in the soil then gently tap the tray into position.





This fence is a attempt to limit the damage my chooks are doing to this new garden which slopes down so the soil is pushed down the hill and over the top of new plants.



lets hope it works!






To make larger fences or screens start by putting suitable posts in the ground.In this area one lower screen is made of willow in the usual way. The larger open screen has 3 cross members. It is made of bamboo and poles are placed on an angle .It has been up for 6 months and has held together despite being  very open with few weavers.

This method is very simple, effective,  versatile  and fun to play with . Like other forms of contemporary basketry the method is only limited by your imagination- there are no rules!

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