Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Creative Space.


Within our front garden you will find my basketry shed, better known as the ‘Witch’s Lair’ a wonderful space where I can enjoy creating, with all my materials at hand.

The shed itself was recycled , ‘buyer to remove’ A lucky buy,as it was a hexagon shed with double glass sliding door and 2 windows. Before rebuilding we carefully sited it in the garden so it faced north to take advantage of winter sun and summer shade. 

Once it was rebuilt with insulation and lined a cosy space emerged, fitted out with bartered shelving  and cupboards  through freecycle. Add our old lounge recovered to take advantage of the view.With a utility interior set up it was so much easier to create baskets and get some sewing done, the  next challenge was to complete the garden.


front entrance         from the car park         Front entrance.


Witch's lair Bird watching from the lair
Workspace and relaxing spacethe workspacew    View from the lounge to orchardview from the lounge
Woolly yarrow ground cover and western wall,with pavers I made.groundcover         Beginning of eastern wall, made from recycled cold room panels.begining of garden wall        Rendered eastern wall completed.It was fun to render and decorate.dividing wall
Detail on western cold room panel wall.
western wall
Upper garden outdoor workspace No witch’s Lair would be complete without a broom parking area.parking station


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