Thursday, December 31, 2015

'Assemblage' Basketry SA Exhibition,Adelaide Fringe 2016

 I’m working away completing a couple of works for up coming  exhibitions. Basketry Sa ‘ASSEMBLAGE’ which will be held from 14th  to 28th February 2016 at Urrbrae House.
While I have mainly finished my main piece I then started thinking about how it would be displayed. being a large work I did not want it sitting on the floor. In the past I have been disappointed as to the way my works had been displayed(mostly on the floor rather than at eye level). many of my ideas would not have been suitable as the floor at the venue is a ballroom and needs to be protected.I finally found and old outdoor table that had already been revamped once with a new top and now was in need of another new top which, although was a little short would do the job and  I could add some new rubber stoppers on the feet to protect the floor.I removed the top and began to weave away.
‘Assemblage’ suggests to me a work made up of several parts put together to make a whole.The old table adds a new dimension to my piece. as well as consisting of many parts each part consists of different basketry techniques and materials.  
This is the base, or stand for my work to be mounted.

To work on large pieces I use a large ‘lazy susan’ to stand my work on and rotate it as i weave. It can sit on the bench or when projects become hard to reach on the bench I put it all on the floor and sit on a low stool(milk crate). When its on the floor I rotate it with my foot. It makes weaving so much easier. For this project I drilled some hole and wired on the legs to keep it steady.
I have also completed my work ‘It all starts with a seed, with its memory of the past and its potential for the future‘ for the Heysen Sculpture Biennial which is held at The Cedars, outside Hahndorf, South Australia. It runs  from 21 February to 1 May 2016.
The Cedars is the site of the former home and studio of Sir Hans Heysen, one of Australia's most famous landscape painters..

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  1. I can't wait to see the finished piece, what an ingenious idea to use a lazy susan. Sounds like a wonderful exhibition, I am sure you will take the spotlight.