Monday, January 25, 2016

Heysen Sculpture Biennial

I have been busy installing my sculpture at The Cedars,in Hahndorf for the Heysen Sculpture Biennial which is held in the gum studded paddocks that surround the historic house and studio.

There are sculptures by 29 artists scattered over the property. It runs from Feb 22 til May 1 2016.

Some of the wonderful gums

My sculpture
‘It all starts with a seed, with its memory of the past and its potential for the future.’
A tray containing a group of archetypal ‘seed’ forms which sits on this large log in a shady area surrounded by large candlebark gums .The basket and seeds have been all wired in so no adverse weather event will blow them away.They are now ready and awaiting the opening.


  1. Your sculpture looks amazing. To put it into perspective for me, what are the dimensions?

    1. Hi Alison its 130 X 90x 45 cm it looks great set on the log.