Monday, February 8, 2016


Meet Sugar Plum, the Witch’s pet Nirvanasaurus and friends
at 'ASSEMBLAGE' Basketry SA exhibition at Urrbrae House
 14- 28 February

Witch’s pet (Sugar Plum)
Frame:Willow & pine  woven with iris & Abyssinian banana. Tail: palm infloressence stem , wings: willow & leaves ; legs: forks wrapped with willow bark 2 ply;
H650 X W 1460 X D 800 mm
Nest/ stand Basic frame; steel table, pine sticks & willow stakes woven with Iris pseudacorus, iris orientalis, Tall spike rush,  Iris pseudacorus 2ply,Arum lily 2ply, Willow bark,red hot poker.
Nest: Random weave:willow, braken on a bed of flowers, leaves and objects stolen from the witch.

1300mm high, 1550 mm long ,900mm wide
Sugar Plum was recreated in the witch’s cauldron from a small fragment of DNA unearthed in the garden. She has grown into a healthy adult and now lives in the garden of the Witch’s Lair where she runs a school for young endangered creatures. They are taught how to survive in today’s world of habitat destruction and global warming. They are also coming to terms with a new language, similar to gobbley-gook but harsher, ps/ps (public service/politician speak) which now seems to dominate the world.
Meet some of the endangered creatures

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